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Are you a parent with care finding the payments too low?

Are you a non-resident parent finding the payments too high?

Who We Are

Here at Child Support Solutions we believe that children should be supported but it is an unfortunate fact that with the CMS working to a fixed system and with many inaccuracies both parents with care and non-resident parents find significant problems in their dealings with them. We are therefore here to help.

My name is Bob Pape and I am the Director of Child Support Solutions. I have worked in the legal profession since 1983 and I am a Chartered Legal Executive. When the Child Support Act was published in 1991 I was working at a large firm of Birmingham Solicitors specialising in family practice. Although initially responsible for appraising the company’s staff of the effect of the Child Support Act, the complexity of the calculation of child support payments led to me specialising in child support matters and I have been contesting Child Support Agency assessments since the CSA’s inception in 1993 and started an independent practice as Child Support Solutions in 1997. The Child Support Agency gave way to the Child Maintenance Service in 2014 and I have now spent over a quarter of a century contesting their assessments and assisted thousands of clients over that time.

We are always conscious that child support is about money and it is very important that any legal proceeding undertaken are financially worth while. This is always at the forefront of our minds when advising our clients. Anybody wishing to speak to Bob should simply call 03456 588 683.

What We Provide