If You Feel the Assessment is Wrong

Since the Child Maintenance Service initial assessment is going to be based on the latest information by HMRC it would seem unlikely that the maintenance assessment will be incorrect but in fact it frequently is.  For a variety of miscellaneous reasons the Inland Revenue‘s records may not be up-to-date and the Child Maintenance Service can take into account records going back up to 6 years.  In particular fathers who are self-employed or who move to a Company Director position where their records are not kept up-to-date by the Revenue (and they may have filed tax returns in time) can find themselves accessed on previous PAYE.  This may be very disadvantageous.  Furthermore, fathers who swap from job to job can find that being calculated annually on the basis of the previous years income simply does not reflect the true circumstances.  If you feel that your assessment is incorrect and is too high then you should contact these offices on 03456 588 683.