Variation Procedure

As with assessments so it is with variations, if your case is an old one administered by the Child Support Agency then you will be subject to a departure or net income variation. For everyone else (that will be the vast majority of the people looking at this website) you will find more information on the CMS variations tab.

Briefly, variations deal with situations that are unusual. The fact is that the vast majority of people receive almost all of their income from earnings, whether that is employment PAYE or self-employment. There is however a minority of people, the biggest minority being Company Directors who earn income from a mixture of PAYE / self-employment and other income. Variations deal with these unusual circumstances. If you find yourself defending a variation application made by your ex then we would strongly suggest that you seek legal advice to ensure that your position is best represented to the Child Maintenance Service.

However, variations do not just go one way and if the non-resident parent’s circumstances have unusual aspects such as unusually high contact costs (mostly caused by travelling) or a disabled or very ill child in your case, prior debts, boarding school fees or if you are paying a mortgage on the property occupied by your ex and child then a variation can be granted in relation to those expenses which will lower your child support.

More details of all of the different variations available are to be found in the click down menus below but if you are defending an application for a variation or thinking of seeking a variation yourself please do not hesitate to call us for advice on 03456 588683.

Old Style CSA Application for Departures and Variations

New Style CMS Calculation Variations